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2020 Elsa’s Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Elsa from Disney's animated movie Frozen is one of the most popular princesses ever to grace the big screen. People not only love her for her personality but also her unique look. Now, you can get your own royal style with this Elsa makeup tutorial. The steps outlined below allow you to turn her beauty into your own. Get ready to have some fun with your makeup today as you transform yourself into Disney's style Princess in a way that is grown up and simply beautiful.

Get ready to spend some time on the Elsa from Frozen makeup tutorial. We have covered everything in detail so you know exactly what to do every step of the way. However, although it has many steps, each one is quite simple to achieve. You can learn quickly how to do this lovely style for yourself.

The Beautiful Base Layer

Every lovely makeup look starts with the right type of base. Whether you are applying the Elsa makeup to the client, friend, or family member or are trying it on yourself, it is important to follow every step to get the right look in the end.

1 – Apply a thin layer of a liquid foundation in an appropriate shade for your skin tone. It is a good idea to choose a hypoallergenic formula that offers smooth coverage without any thick or uncomfortable product left behind.

2 – Finish the foundation look with bare minerals powder over the entire face. This helps set the liquid foundation and gives a shine-free surface to apply all the rest of the cosmetics.

3 – Choose an appropriate blush powder with a cool undertone to get the Frozen Princess to look. This should be applied to the apples of the cheeks and lightly on the tip of the nose. This makes it look like you have just danced through the snow in a winter wonderland as Elsa did in the movie.

4 – With a lighter-toned powder, highlight the sides of your nose and the space between the eyes to create a bright blend.

5 – Also apply this highlighting powder to the hollows under your eyes, in the center of your brow line, and near the mouth and jaw for gentle contouring and accents.

Add Winter Sparkle and Highlights

While you started the highlighting process with the light powder in the steps above, now it is time to truly add shimmer that makes this Disney princess so beautiful. The product you choose should be just a shade or two off your normal skin and foundation color. The shimmery eyeshadow is intended to simply provide a light dusting of light to her face rather than an actual color.

1 – Pick up the shimmery eyeshadow and dab small amounts on the ridge of your nose and the upper lip. Add more dots to the cheekbones. Blend this all in very well to get a very light shimmer effect. You are not trying to make stripes or bright spots of color.

2 – Follow up with a matte powder under the eyes and between them. Blend these well with the other powders and foundations already on the face. Make sure everything looks natural and smooth.

3 – Groom the eyebrows with an appropriate brush so all the hairs lay smoothly. Add definition with a brown or appropriately colored eyebrow pencil. If you want to go one step further toward recreating the Elsa look, use pictures of this animated princess as a template for your eyebrow shape. She has a distinct curve in her eyebrows that gives her face a lot of character. Of course, you do not want to end up looking like a cartoon.

4 – Completes the contouring with a darker toned eyeshadow on the jawline and under the nose. The goal is to make these areas look smaller and lower down. A touch of lighter powder under the lip can decrease the appearance of size as well.

Create Princess Elsa Eyes

When it comes to Elsa's makeup style, her eyes are definitely something you notice right away. Even if you skip a few steps of contouring or shimmer application above, you must pay close attention to these steps if you truly want her look.

1 – Cover your eyelids smoothly with an application of blue eyeshadow. Because all tones of blue in eye makeup are quite bright and stand out very well, you do not need a lot of product to get a dramatic effect. The shadow should lay on the entire eyelid and extend up and out a bit from the outer edge.

2 – Add a lighter neutral shade to the inner corners of the eyelids and blend it with the blue powder above the fold in the eyelid. This should also extend up and out as the blue eyeshadow did. We recommend a softer fluffier brush for this step.

3 – Now, grab a pale blue shadow color and apply it in a smooth sweep directly under the brow bone. Add a final application of eyeshadow with a shimmering white or pale silver near the tear duct and inner corner of the top lid. You can also choose to dust this directly under the brow as a highlight near the paler blue.

4 – If you are comfortable with faux eyelashes or have access to a professional beauty technician to help you, the perfect option for this Frozen Princess Elsa makeup style is our BEPHLAN eyelash type XME10. They give you a unique three-dimensional layered effect that meshes well with your natural lash line. You get increased volume, a beautiful curl, and a stylish slightly flirty look you can enjoy every day.

5 – Finish up the eye makeup with a delicate line of black liquid eyeliner. Create a smooth arc above the lash line with a small wing at the outer edge. Add another line under the lower lashes. This helps create a large-eyed look at is quite common in Disney princesses.

Finish Up With Pretty Lips

Since Elsa does not have very large or dramatic lips, finishing your makeup inspired by her is quite simple. Choose a simple pink color for both lip liner and gloss. First, outline your top and bottom lips without extending the size in any way. Then, simply fill in with the pink gloss or lipstick.

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