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Best Unbiased Review on Jeffrey Star Blood Lust Palette

The most exciting new cosmetics in February 2020, your favorite Jeffrey star Blood Lust palette is on sale now.

Wow! I trust you in front of the screen will want to know more about this eyeshadow dish. So today we're going to do a detailed and realistic eye shadow review and let everyone understand the true use of each color. So you guys, let's get right to the point and take a look at these fascinating colors.

Your Majesty: Your majesty is right here and it's just a pale white
shade kind of a bone color as he said. It kind of is a little bit lighter than skin tone. We are pretty fair. So this would be like a great brow bone a highlight color. It's really pretty and it's watched just fine.

Blood Queen: This shade is a straight-up purple matte. It’s like a reddish eggplant moment. We love this shade, it’s so pretty and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.LOL

Take The Crown: Wow, it went right on it's smooth when we used it on eyes. There's no grittiness to it. That is because it's like a shimmer shave. There's no grittiness to it at all. So that is really pretty we are excited to use that one.

Vile Serpent: Amazing lavender that is way brighter than deviant. And it is a straight-up hot lavender purple. It is so pretty.

Deviant: It's a nice matte lavender. We just shake at how these are applying like with no primer. Whatsoever it's just it goes on smooth. We mean it's smooth.

Beauty Sleep: You guys this is the one that when he's watched it we just know this is gonna be the favorite color in the entire palette. It's pink in the pilot. It like a pinky purple in the palette.

High King: How would we describe this shade? It almost like fuchsia and we can also say it is kind of like a fuchsia purple.

Wet Jewel: This one is his new formula. It's so pretty and it looks like we're gonna get pale metallic baby pink. We would love to use this as an inner corner or brow bone highlight. If somebody doesn't like to put glitter on your eyes. We think these shadows are a wonderful alternative.

Monarchy: It’s a beautiful muted brown that this all over the lid by itself increase if you’re someone

Bleeding Heart: This was the one that when we unboxed it and looked at it in person. It’s beautiful. So we don’t think Jeffrey’s pictures do it justice.

Royal Pain: We watched Geoffrey and Mitchell. The look that they did use blood lust the other day and he was really recommending to mix like some of the Pink with the Purple. So I forget what the exact term he used was but we feel like it really makes a difference if you couple the pink shades with the purple shades. We feel like it almost like somehow draws the Purple's out even more like makes them more.

Scandal Water: It's like a deep or periwinkle color and just feels like blue
Bottles. It's like such a Texas thing.

Dungeon: This is a very deep plum II shade. You can use this on your outer corner and a little bit in your crease as well. We feel like this is one of the darker shades in the palette. Of course, you can also use these types of eye shadows as a more subtle eyeliner.

Pink Magic: It looks like a super like purple lavender kind of metallic. That was the other one we were so excited. It just like a sworn enemy that she’s ready to party look at her.

Executioner: Oh my gosh it's somehow like a dark plum II gray. It looks like crushed up diamonds. It has a purple and pink shift in it like. I don't even think that the camera can capture how truly gorgeous this looks.

Vivid Moon: Wow you guys, just really really beautiful, I love it.

Bloodless Palette: This is a beach trail and it is like a shimmery purple pinky color. It's really hard to describe but my god is beautiful. Wow, it kind of reminds me of beauty sleep but a deeper purple. It's got that kind of a little bit of old shift to it.

Demi Metallic: I feel like it is kind of like metallic, but it's not like super metallic. So if you just want like a little bit of shine, but you don't want to overdo it, this is the shade for you.

So if you guys want to use it to make the same eye makeup as Jeffrey. Matching the full volume lash is also important.


So some pairs of Bepholan lashes such as Diamond, Gemini, and Agate. I think they would add some sparkle to your look.

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